9 alcohol myths that need to be shut right now!

These 5 alcoholic lies that you’ve been told are just fables and nothing else that you should stop believing right now!


1. If I drink a lot of coffee, I’ll sober up fast

The caffeine in coffee will only help you stay awake and nothing more. It won’t change the way alcohol affects your decision-making skills or coordination, judgment, etc. The only thing that will help make you sober is the time needed to metabolize the alcohol in your system.


2. Eating a hearty Meal Before Drinking Keeps You Sober

The reality behind this is that drinking on a full stomach will only slow down the rate of alcohol absorption in your system, but after some time, the alcohol will be absorbed, and your body can only metabolize 10-12g of alcohol an hour. Eating before or while drinking will, however, help you to delay the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream, not prevent it.


3. Alcohol makes you cool and helps in socializing

Alcohol can only make people feel relaxed and happy, also sociable at times. However, excessive drinking may lead up to people feeling sick or vomiting. People also lose control over their minds and what they’re saying or doing. Moreover, drinking too much can also land you to situations that can make people feel aggressive. Both of these conditions can turn the situations into embarrassing ones and spoil social relations.


4. Beer Is Less Intoxicating Than Other Alcoholic drinks

Alcohol is alcohol. Though beer has a lower percentage of alcohol than the other alcoholic beverages like whiskey, rum, etc., however, you’re likely to get intoxicated if you drink excessively. Each alcoholic beverage is considered a standard drink containing about the same amount of alcohol. Moreover, beer has a higher calorie count.


5. People be completely fine the next morning no matter how much they drink.

Sleeping off may not always help. Though a significant amount of alcohol is metabolized by the body the next morning, your body can only break down a certain amount of alcohol each hour, therefore you can have a quite bad experience. You can experience the worst hangover of your life and your blood alcohol content (BAC) the next morning could still be above any legal limits for driving.

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