Europe’s favorite – Aperol

Europe's favorite - Aperol 25

Europe has a tradition of sipping an ‘aperitif’ or aperitivo before a meal, apart from usually tasting good and being refreshing, aperitifs act as a stimulant for appetite. Different fortified wines, liqueurs, and alcohols, including Campari & Aperol, fall into the aperitif category.
So, what exactly is Aperol?
Europe's favorite - Aperol 26

Aperol is a vibrant orange colored classic Italian aperitif, which is bitter & refreshing. Its name comes from the French slang word for aperitif- Apero.
Aperol was invented in Italy in 1919 by Barbieri brothers & introduced at Padua International Fair. It soon become one of Italian’s favorite liqueur but did not gain global attention until after the World War 2. Since then, it has been produced following the same, unique secret infusion that combines bitter and sweet oranges, rhubarb herbs, herbal roots and alcohol.
Aperol, which was traditionally consumed before meals, is now considered an ideal drink for any time of day as it contains only 11% alcohol, like most wines which tend to have 10%-15% alcohol content.
Aperol is now produced by the Campari Group, predominantly known for its signature liqueur Campari. Both drinks smell much alike, however Aperol has less than half alcohol content of Campari. Both liqueurs have same sugar content, but Aperol is less bitter in taste.
What Does Aperol Taste Like?
Europe's favorite - Aperol 27

Aperol tastes like a combination of sweet melted orange popsicle, followed by a slight bitterness. It’s characterized by its combination of floral, fruity flavors & bitterness along with a low alcohol content.
How to drink Aperol
Straight up, Aperol is too bitter & complex to drink. The most popular and perhaps the best way to enjoy Aperol is in the form of an Aperol spritz.
Initially many people didn’t like the bitterness of Aperol, they asked for some water to be spritzed and added—resulting in worlds most favored cocktails Aperol Spritz. The beverage, with its distinct deep-orange hue, is now on menus across America, & Europe and ranks among the world’s top 10 best-selling cocktails. The sparkling component of this delicious concoction makes every sip feel like a celebration.
Due to its low alcohol content, Aperol works great in vodka punches, margaritas, or gin-based cocktails. It can also be paired incredibly with citrus or fruit juices.
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