Cocktail – Aperol Spritz

Cocktail - Aperol Spritz 25

Aperol spritz, also called Spritz, is a perfect summer cocktail which can be enjoyed anytime of the day. It is very easy to make, an impressive drink that can be mixed in less than four minutes.
Cocktail - Aperol Spritz 26

60 ml Aperol
90 ml Prosecco (any bubbly white wine can be used)
30 ml Soda/Sparkling water
Some ice cubes
Orange slices for garnish

Cocktail - Aperol Spritz 27

Steps to make
• Take an oversized wine glass, put ice cubes in it.
• Add Prosecco, followed by Aperol
• Add some soda water
• Garnish with an orange slice and enjoy.
So, whip up Aperol spritz on the next sunny day, and impress your friends with this refreshing coral hued drink. Cheers!