Absolut success story

"Absolut vodka with ice.">

Absolut created a luxury market for premium vodka and has since become the third most popular spirit brand in the world. Focusing on the middle age consumers, Absolut vodka competes on the market with selling the lifestyle image that is associated with the brand, by using the iconic bottle shape and witty advertisements, the company is able to charge a higher price tag. Absolut, which is owned by the Swedish company Vin & Sprit, is in control over the entire product process, including distribution and promotion.

The tradition of making of vodka is based on 400 years, a tradition roughly 200 years older than the tradition of United States. In 1979 a swedish vodka company was about to take the biggest steps so far as to start exporting vodka to the United states of America. So how did it all started. In the late 1800’s Lars Olsson Smith revolutionised the vodka industry with a new technique for purifying vodka with continuous distillation, he called this Vodka – AbsolutRent Bravinymersholms(Swedish) which means Absolut pure vodka in English. Lars Olsson Smith registered the brand name in 1879, over the next 100 years the vodka was refined and improved until it became the ultimate one. Absolut vodka was ready to be exported in 1979, but before the international launch the product needed a suitable container, which was based on a traditional 18th century pharmacy bottle found in the antique shop in old town of Stockholm. When introduced in 1979 absolut vodka redefined the vodka category and challenged the established industry. Within 5 years absolut vodka was available in 18 countries and by 1985 absolut vodka was No 1 among vodka’s imported in the united states. Today it is one of the leading spirits brands in the world. In the past few years the brand  has expanded to encompass art, fashion, an interactive website and even an ice bar.