How different alcohol expires?

How different alcohol expires? 25


The trick is “wine can expire” which means, the nicer the wine, the longer it can be consumed and stored. But, once the bottle is opened, you need to consume before the expire date comes close- within a week because the wine can become flat within a few days of opening the bottle. But, when storing a nice wine, it can even last for 50 years. If the drink tastes bad or smells wrong, then it’s probably expired.



Liquor basically includes gin, vodka, whiskey, tequila, and rum, which are made from a range of grains or plants. So, unopened liquor like Bailey’s, Aperol has a good shelf life. But, once opened should be consumed within a year. Liquor should be consumed within 3-4 months of opening. These drinks should be stored in a dark and cool place as proper storage helps in preventing evaporation and oxidation.



Spirits- whether it be gin, whiskey or vodka if you haven’t opened your bottle- Colin Spoelman, co-founder and master distiller of Brooklyn distillery Kings County Distillery, says that it will never go bad. After opening, it’s recommended to drink it before 6months to a year. Though after the expiration, the taste of the drink won’t change, the alcohol content will reduce.



Beer basically produces a bitter, floral and citrus aroma. Sealed beer has a shelf life of up to 6-8 months, and lasts longer if refrigerated. Beer lasts for up to 6-9 months beyond dates on the label. Unpasteurized beer also has a shorter shelf life and should be consumed within 3 months for the best flavor.