The Five Best Sherry Whiskies Under Rs. 10,000

The Five Best Sherry Whiskies Under Rs. 10,000 25

ike all good things, sweetness comes in many forms. That cannot be truer for whiskies. Usually associated with strong flavours and a smoky profile, whiskies have always been an acquired taste. However, the spirit’s rise in popularity has made manufacturers think twice about only aiming for the aficionados. Sherry-based casks have been the tool of choice for adding a little characterful confection to the whisky world.

Here are our picks for the best sherry-based whiskies to endear the sweet tooth in all of us:

1.Kamet Single Malt – ₹3800

Kamet’s offering differentiated itself from the pack with a nose of a fruity aroma profile, oaky spice forward notes, complemented by a sweet vanilla. The palate takes over from there with a vibrant hint of oak, touches of vanilla and dried fruit notes. Finishing strong with a sweet chocolatey after-palate – Kamet is sure to make a welcome slide into your bar essentials.

2.Amrut Intermediate Sherry – ₹5420

Beginning with a nose of moist cake, fruity and spicy with hints of waxed oak floor. The palate hits as soon as you take a sip, plying you with an oak-based flavour, with juicy sultanas and spices as the barley kicks in. Moving to a liquoricey-orangey honeycomb bourbon theme, before finishing with a chunk of natural caramel that quietens the more exuberant characteristics with a long and elegant feeling – a dessert-like offering for all.

3.Paul John Christmas Edition (2022) – ₹7000

A true festive offering, Paul John’s most recent Christmas Edition starts off with a nose of sweet oak, dry spice, baked apples and peaches, organically enhanced with dark chocolate. When you take a sip, you’re greeted with soft and sweet flavours of mellow peat, orange-tinged dark chocolate and a light peppery spice laced with delectable plum cake and butterscotch. After a tasting sip, the whisky finishes with a deep, creamy and lingering profile with notes of hazelnut and a reminder of dark chocolate.

4.The Balvenie Double Wood 12YO – ₹9400

Hailing from the Speyside isles, Balvenie’s 12YO offering initiates you with a nose of grist nuttiness intertwined with spices, honeyed sultanas and grapes. In the palate, there is a full-bodied sweetness, complemented by gentle spice and vanilla with hints of a balancing peat creeping through. More notes of nuts, nutmeg and cinnamon round off the palate. A sweet finish brings your tasting to a close.

5.Bowmore 15YO – ₹9585

Bowmore’s 15-year-old middleweight has a nose that is dark and punchy, replete with sherry notes, juicy Corinth raisins, topped off with spices and creamy mochaccino. Followed with a palate of rich, woody, pine oil and creamy toffee and malt. This offering comes to a close with a varied finish, with touches of spice, toffee, sherry and barley.