Try this whisky : Scapa Glansa

Try this whisky : Scapa Glansa 25

It’s rare to meet an old-school Scottish malt that gets it wrong–but some just happen to be a touch more niche than their popular counterparts. Scapa, named after its location beside the Scapa Flow, one of Britain’s most historic stretches of water located in the Orkney Islands in the far north of Scotland, is one of those malts. Created completely manually at a boutique distillery, the variants find their muse in the island which is home to the Scapa Distillery. A artisanal island malt with honey tones, look to this under-the-radar single malt for a taste of Scotland that you haven’t tried before.

Why We Love It:
It has a distinct profile, one of an island malt, that is unusual, and albeit an acquired taste, sets it apart from a Strathisla malt. It’s smooth, honeyed character, too, makes it unlike other variants on the market.

The Notes:
The nose runs more fruity than anything else. You’ll find soft notes of peach coming through, layered with citrusy pineapple and vanilla. There’s also an aftertaste of nofire smoke that melts into creamy, caramel toffee, butterscotch, brown sugar, citrus peel and more vanilla.

The Finish:
This one has a surprisingly long finish, with distinct notes of smoke that linger. And just a little bittersweet.

‘Drink It Like This
: This one works best neat–its body works best when left untampered. To dilute it with water would take away from its character–but if you would it cold, on the rock could work provided you partake of it before it begins to truly dissolve.

Pair It With:
Anything but smoked or smoky-flavoured foods. Contrary to popular, matching flavour notes can often cancel them out, so look for something soft–like a buttery roll or herb-butter steak–that evokes those notes instead of squashing them.