5 Scottish beers to get your hands on!

5 Scottish beers to get your hands on! 25


  1. Swannay, Old Norway

5 Scottish beers to get your hands on! 26

Swanee Brewery, also known as Highland Brewing Company and Old Norway is a barley wine and it comes at 8% alcohol abv. This solid beer smells of some fruitiness and biscuit caramel base. Some of the best craft beers. The taste is a mix of thick sweet syrupy taste and a little bit of spiciness. On the backside it has an earthiness and grassiness feel to it. It is one of the best craft beers with a quirky edge to it.


  1. Fyne Ales, Jarl

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It’s a light beer, hopped with Citra, and comes packed with refreshing citrus flavors and a dry, grassy bitterness, all of which gradually build throughout drinking. Time to ditch the chardonnay and enjoy a beer with your shellfish instead.

Fyne Ales makes use of the plentiful Scottish rain to brew superb real ales at sensible alcohol strengths, and Jarl is its most celebrated creation. It is the top-selling light beer of the brewery, with 3.8% alcohol and is well-known for this purpose. The beer has a clear rich golden straw color and a dry, grassy bitter taste to it. The aroma is clear, strong citrus and smells hoppy fresh. The beer has also won a number of prestigious awards.


  1. BrewDog, Elvis Juice

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The drink is available at a decent price and is warm amber in color. You can smell an explosion of grapefruit straight away and from the sweet smell of the drink, the taste is quite the opposite i.e. pure bitterness and a little bit caramel. The bitter grapefruit peel accentuates the citrus notes. It is punchy and hoppy due to the citrus overload and is very dry and bitter.


  1. Birds & Bees, Williams Bros Brew

5 Scottish beers to get your hands on! 29

This light fruity beer is perfect for summery evenings and is bright golden in color. The aroma is sweet-smelling floral and grassy notes and a little hint of citrus and herbs. It is a blend of lager malt, Cascade, Amarillo & Nelson Sauvin hops with a late infusion of elderflower. If you like a floral, gardening character beer, then give this one a try and you will not be disappointed!


  1. Dead Pony Club, Brewdog

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Dead Pony Club is made by Brew Dog, Aberdeenshire. The alcohol content in this one is 3.8% and is pale hazy color, ideal for a hot and humid day. The aroma is a sweet-bitter grapefruit and multi-fruity and is perfect for thirst-quenching beer. It is the “non-bitter” version of the Punk IPA and is a bag of flavors at a low ABV.