Know more about the Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer

"Kingfisher premium lager beer bottle with a glass filled with the beer">

The Kingfisher is the world’s number-one selling Indian lager established in 1857. It is India’s №1 selling beer and a brand of the United Breweries Group of Bangalore, India.

There aren’t many green-hued glass bottles around these days. This means that Kingfisher has a unique look. This one is the small 330 millilitre versions, but in the same chiller cabinet was an enormous 660 millilitre version.

The title “Premium” does denote its quality and is pleasant to drink. When served cool, it is a very refreshing beverage and can be paired with a hot spicy meal. Aroma of lightly toasted grain and light spicy hops. Similar flavor, adding mild sweetness and light bitterness. Light body with a crisp, slight watery finish.

The beer is a crisp, sharp malted barley, well carbonated, bottom-fermented lager, that has a golden pour and decent head. The color is like most other lagers i.e. bright and yellowy. And it looks very carbonated. The beer has a lager bitterness to it and has a blend of flavors that goes in with just a gulp of lager. The beer has an alcoholic volume of 4.8%. The Kingfisher beer has won “several international awards for its quality and taste”, including “Asia’s best strong lager” in the World Beer Awards in 2013.


Brewed by United Breweries Group
Style: Pale Lager
Bangalore, India

Price: ₹ 125.00 For Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer 650ML.