Winter Favorite- Eggnog

Winter Favorite- Eggnog 25

Eggnog is one of the most popular drinks in the west during winters, rich, creamy eggnog has a special place in the hearts of Americans. Its history is really old and kind of not so known, the exact origin is not very clear though, but as per food historians generally say that it developed from posset, a medieval British drink made with sweetened milk and wine or ale.

Winter Favorite- Eggnog 26

Over the years, it is considered and assumed that perhaps monks in later years modified the original recipe by adding eggs and figs, Eggnog gradually by the 1700 century became the drink of rich people in Britain, since dairy products were more expensive there.

Eggnog became more popular after reaching America, places full of farmers who had plenty of dairy products easily and cheaply on hand. Eggnog has replaced wine and whiskey in those markets, and the rest was history.Recipes of Eggnog is very simple mix vanilla, milk, sugar, eggs and cream, and the drink and add some cinnamon powder from the top.