Best rums under Rs 500

Best rums under Rs 500 25

It is often said that ‘Rum is tonic that clarifies the vision, and sets things in true perspective’. There has always been a preference for dark spirits amongst Indians. Rum is one of the highest consumed drink in the Indian market and ranges from dark rum, flavored rum to spiced rum. As much as Indians love their Rum, its consumption can sometimes burn a hole in the pocket. But what if I tell you that now you can enjoy this spirit by spending only a few bucks. Here is a list of 4 best rum brands in India under the budget of just ₹500.

  1. Contessa

Best rums under Rs 500 26

Topping our list of best budget rums is Contessa which is a brand from Radico Khaitan and is highly popular with the armed forces. It is made from cane juice spirit and has essence of cocoa, vanilla, and dried fruits and is aged for 12 years. Sold in more than 60 countries, it has been awarded many awards including a Silver medal at Monde Selection (2008).

Alcohol Content: 42.8%

Price: 750ml – Rs 260


2. Old Port

Best rums under Rs 500 27

Amrut Distillery began manufacturing rum and brandy in 1948, which they supplied to army canteens throughout India. Old Port became very popular in the country as it is amongst the best cheap rums and has a dry and fruity taste. Rich in molasses and having bright copper color, it contains essence of vanilla and butterscotch.

Alcohol Content: 40% (approx.)

Price: 750ml –Rs 260


3. Old Monk

Best rums under Rs 500 28

The most popular rum in India, Old Monk was introduced in 1954 and is a dark strong rum. The rum is dark brown in color and has a slight vanilla robust flavor. It is blended and aged for a minimum of 7 years. The rum is produced in Ghaziabad and the most interesting part is that without any advertising, it has been the biggest IMFL brand for many years. This rum is sold all over the world and has 6 variants.

Alcohol Content: 42.8%

Price: 1 litre – Rs 264


4. McDowell’s No.1

Best rums under Rs 500 29

One of the most popular and cheap rum brands in India, McDowell’s No.1 is an Indian brand of spirits manufactured by United Spirits Limited (USL). Awarded with many prestigious awards, the brand overtook Bacardi as ‘world’s best-selling rum brand’ in 2015. It was launched in Celebration (Dark) and Caribbean (White) variants in 1990-91 and is currently sold in 13 countries.

Alcohol Content: 42.8%

Price: 1 litre – Rs 376