What does your favorite drink reveal about you?

Going to the bar, repeatedly ordering that one ever-favorite drink of yours and sipping it with satisfaction, is what everyone does, but hates to admit. Being open to trying varying new cocktails but always fall back on that one drink, giving you the “cheer-feeling”, no else can.

Every person has their go-to drink that they always land up ordering for. This drink reflects not only your personality but also the choices you’re capable of making. So, it’s essential to know about what your drink reflects about you. If you still haven’t discovered your favorite drink, then you have a long way to go in mastering the art of drinking!


We’ve listed 8 drinks for various personalities, Go ahead and find yours!


  1. Beer

What does your favorite drink reveal about you? 2

Beer drinkers were discovered to be always high-spirited and impatient. You want to quickly get to the ladder of achieving everything. You are very curious and open to experiencing new and varied things. You are true to yourself and the people around you and always expect the same. You are outgoing and easy to gel with.


  1. Whiskey

What does your favorite drink reveal about you? 3

A whiskey drinker is a daring and total risk-taker person. You are observed to be more macho and a commanding person. You like sipping your drink from the glass in small quantities and at your own pace. Talking to people and learning about them is your favorite hobby. You like sticking to your regular things.


  1. Wine

What does your favorite drink reveal about you? 4

A wine drinker loves to present an image of a knowledgeable and well-educated person of themselves. You love sophistication in life. You are a mature and less adventurous person in life, but intelligent and reasonable. Gossiping, food, and travel are three things you live for. You’re the last one to leave the party!


  1. Rum

What does your favorite drink reveal about you? 5

Rum lovers are highly confident and certain about their decisions. You are creative and love all kinds of art forms. You are experimental and open to experiencing new things. The best thing is you don’t believe in showoff and do not feel sorry for ordering a cheap drink.


  1. Vodka

What does your favorite drink reveal about you? 6

Vodka is the perfect drink for all beginners who are entering the new phase of drinking. People call you “simple” for having the same drink that you started in high school, but you don’t care about people judging you and you love shouting “shots”! You’re a proper party animal and never fail to grasp people’s attention.


  1.  Gin

What does your favorite drink reveal about you? 7

You are more practical and realistic in terms of living things. In the world of beer and whiskey drinkers, you are an exception and won’t switch your loyalty to the drink. You are sorted in your head and don’t have second thoughts. You are quite mysterious and keep things to yourself. You love to value your relationships and keep your closed ones closer. You are also the “cool” one in the group.


  1. Champagne

What does your favorite drink reveal about you? 8

Champagne is a party drink. You like to show off and pleasing people. But, for you, an occasion is not needed to open that bottle of champagne. You have a classy taste in things. You are decisive and well opinionated.


  1. Tequila

What does your favorite drink reveal about you? 9

You are a high-spirited person and get not too concerned with things. You are risk-taking and an adventure lover. Going out and talking to people is your favorite past time. You are the life at the party and your dance grooves are worth watching and capturing.

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